I'm Larni


I create containers that allow women to explore their full potential. I am a vision holder for the possibility of an empowered birth and thriving birth business'.


I’m Larni...

I help women navigate the unknown as they transition from maiden to mother. 

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In Person Doula Support


Work with me in person as your pregnancy, birth and postpartum guide. I work together with you and your partner to learn the tools, release fear and own your birth experience. Currently servicing Mount Isa Region, QLD.


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Your Virtual Doula Sessions


I support you to achieve a positive, empowered birth and connected, confident postpartum. Work with me 1:1 to gain the clarity, learn the tools and release the fear holding you back from owning your birth, your relationships and your postpartum experience.


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 The Empowered Birth Plan


Your ultimate guide to prepare you for your own positive birth experience.

One where you harness your inner goddess, take radical responsibility for your birth experience and feel 100% confident in your choices and your ability to communicate your preferences during birth.


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Navigating the unknown as you transition from maiden to mother.


Supporting you to tap in to your innate knowing and the wisdom of your body.

Mastering your mindset in order to take control of your birthing experience.

Helping you deepen your connection through clear communication with your love.

Calling in your village to help support you during your transition into motherhood.

Harnessing your inner goddess and tapping into your absolute confidence.

Your Mentor


I’m Larni.

I’m a birth keeper + business mentor.

I guide women to feel into the possibility of what being able to have it all really feels like. The positive birth, the thriving birth business, the connected mother and sensual wife. 

I dare women to dream to have it all.

Your guide, mentor, supporter and friend on this incredible journey.

Since I was a little girl, I knew I’d been put on this earth to help people, and my natural connection and empathy with women is what drove me to my work in pregnancy and birth.

My purpose is to educate and walk women through this expansion, to remind them of their innate knowing and wisdom and to help them experience a birth that’s transformative and empowering.

Using my extensive knowledge, education, skills and research combined with my own experiences of birth and being a mum, I’ll be here in your corner, holding space for your transition to motherhood.

As a Mum of five beautiful babies, I’ve had five very different birth experiences, my most recent being an unassisted freebirth at home.

I know what it’s like to have a birth experience that leaves you feeling deflated, disappointed and disconnected from yourself afterwards.

But I’ve also experienced the absolute joy of an amazing birth...not because everything went exactly to plan...but because I felt awesome and confident in myself. Because I took radical responsibility for my choices and I did the inner work. 

The deep, often difficult inner work is the most important work. If you try to bypass this and don't deal with what beckons you in pregnancy, you'll be confronted with it during birth.

My birth experiences have been the catalyst for why I do this work. The births I've been blessed to be present for drive me, seeing women in their absolute power and watching their transformations; it's magic.

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Your birth experience matters, it is the foundation for your breastfeeding, your relationships and your parenting. 



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