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I used to dream about working for myself, raising my babies and helping people. My whole life people have had a natural affinity to open up to me, and then as I grew older I realised it's because I am an empath. My path is to hold space, to heal and to bring light.

It wasn't until I had my first daughter that I realised I wanted to work with pregnant and birthing women. I thought for a while that perhaps being a midwife was my calling, but as time went on and I learned more about myself and the core beliefs I had around birth I knew I couldn't support women in the capacity which I yearned to in that role. 

Cue the birth of my fourth and final baby. My most magical, intervention free and empowering birth. I knew that I wanted to support all women who want to achieve a positive birth. I knew I have knowledge, I recognised my unique gifts and I felt this profound pull towards becoming a doula.

So here we are! I've completed my birth and postpartum doula training, I'm a hypnobirthing practitioner and now I'm diving deeper into supporting couples evolve their relationships and grow together during postpartum.

So here we are! I can't wait to share more of this journey with you.

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You can work with me in a few different ways.

In Person Doula Support


Are you local to Mount Isa QLD? I offered the full spectrum of pregnancy, birth and postpartum support.

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Conscious Birth Preparation Workbook


Want to know the five key principals for preparing for a positive birth? This ebook is for you then, mama. 

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Virtual Doula Support


Not living near by? All good, I got you! I work with many couples virtually. Whether they be one off sessions or a series. We can customise to your needs.

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